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Rabu, 17 April 2013

Take Churping to a whole new level!

The all new Churp Churp is now LIVE.

With smoother navigation and a complete facelift, being the first to share the latest news that hits the Internet and earning money has never been easier. And that's a FACT! You can now Churp with celebrities too!

Why don't you get your friends on board too? Tell them it only takes three easy steps:

Step 1: They have to got to click on your invite link to learn more & sign up!
Step 2: Remember, they have to have at least 50 friends on Twitter or Facebook.
Step 3: Start reaping their rewards once they begin sharing campaigns!

So go on and begin to discover a whole new world with together.


Meet a girl’s other best friend.

Luxury doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg – here’s a super yummy alternative!

Sink your teeth into the two new Magnum variants – Magnum Chocolate Brownie and Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry. Made with Belgium chocolate, Magnum ice cream will make your world spin in an unimaginable indulgence of the senses, all in just one delicious bite.

Pick up a Magnum today – your taste buds will thank you for it!


It is effortless to be beautiful

Heard how hair dryers damage your lustrous hair?

If you are armed with the Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Conditioning Dryer, you won't have to worry about that no more! With its amazing Plasmacluster Ion technology, this unique hair dryer helps lock all in the moisture that your hair needs! And don't forget about your skin; Sharp Plasmacluster offers a Mobile Ion Generator too which keeps your skin and hair moisturised all day long.

You've got to try it to believe it.


Happening Girl-About-Town meets Loud Mouth from The South!

Don’t dread the daily grind, start your day off right with a dose of awesome with the all new MIX Breakfast show!

Tune in to MIX fm on weekdays from 6 – 10am to catch two of the hottest entertainment personalities from two different countries, Sarimah and The Rod, waking Malaysia up like never before.

Enjoy the new & experienced breakfast brand with an all-star pairing, only on the MIX Breakfast show!


Just in: Host a party for 50 for free!

Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that have the biggest impacts.

“Share the Softness with Kleenex®”, and share your heartfelt thoughts with your loved ones in conjunction with the launch of the new Kleenex® Natural Facial Tissues infused with soothing cucumber extract!

Make your friends’ day with the app, and you could win a cucumber-inspired spa experience for two plus a Kleenex® Party for 50 friends and daily giveaways of Kleenex® Natural facial tissues.


Ladies, here’s to you!

Calling all ladies out there! Here’s a song specially dedicated to you!

Shine on like the woman you are, be inspired by the true stories of Malaysian women with this fast-paced and entertaining video. You can be unstoppable too, just like these women.

Find out how these strong women overcome the difficulties placed in front of them.


Meet the new frizz fighter.

Being a victim of the curse of frizzy hair doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Fight the frizz with Sunsilk’s new Smooth & Manageable variant!